Woman wants bald Barbie to help fight cancer

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bald barbie Woman wants bald Barbie to help fight cancer

(Image Credit: Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Facebook page)

A southland woman has asked the makers of Barbie to consider making a bald version of the iconic doll to help fight cancer.

Rebecca Sypin, whose daughter has leukemia, has launched an online campaign through her ‘Beautiful and Bald Barbie!’ Facebook page to gain support for a doll she said will help fight cancer.  Sypin’s page already has 33,000 likes and she said it continues to grow.

“It’s been retweeted, and in the last day we’ve grown about 12,000 alone on Facebook,” Sypin said.

Sypin and a New York woman who is battling lymphoma, have written to Mattel about the Bald Barbie idea. So far, they have received form letters that say Mattel doesn’t accept ideas from outside sources.

Read more from L.A’s Morning News.

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