Izzy sniffs out contraband

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beagle Izzy sniffs out contraband

(Image credit: AP)

Don’t you dare try to sneak duck tongues into the country through JFK airport in New York. If you try, chances are Izzy will find it.

Izzy is a beagle that has been circling baggage carousels at JFK’s international terminal for the past three years, searching for illegal food stowed in luggage.

About 2,000 bags come through Kennedy’s Terminal 4 every hour, and each suitcase might contain foods or plants that could wreak havoc on American crops.

Customs agent and dog handler Meghan Caffrey says her beagle loves nothing more than busting an air traveler carrying contraband food in their bags.

With just one sniff, Izzy can determine whether a bag is worth inspecting — something that would take human inspectors hours to do.

During her time in service, Izzy has not only come across duck tongues, but also pig’s feet.

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