Maya exhibit in Philly seeks to dispel 2012 myths

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maya 2012 lords of time exhibit Maya exhibit in Philly seeks to dispel 2012 myths

(Penn Museum Photo)

(AP) – Some believe the Maya predicted the world’s end on Dec. 21, 2012.

If true, that leaves plenty of time to see a new exhibit on the civilization’s ancient kingdoms, intricate calendar system and current culture. The Penn Museum show in Philadelphia is called “Maya 2012: Lords of Time.” It includes excavated artifacts from the Maya site of Copan in Honduras.

The president of Honduras is scheduled to cut the ribbon on the exhibit when it opens on Saturday.

Maya scholars like exhibit curator Loa Traxler say the 2012 date simply indicates a new time cycle, not an apocalypse. Still, she says the pop culture myth offers a way to teach people about the Maya, who continue to live in parts of Mexico and Central America.

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