'Fat tax' may be on the way

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chip aisle 'Fat tax' may be on the way

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Here’s a new tax you may need to be concerned about —  a ‘fat’ tax. A new study  in the British Medical Journal shows that adding a hefty tax on unhealthy food and drinks may help slow down the rising obesity rate.

It’s already been implemented in several European countries. Previous research has revealed that a stiff tax on cigarettes  has contributed to the dramatic decrease in the number of Americans who smoke.

Supporters of the so-called “fat” tax hope it would work the same way. According to the study, a tax of at least 20 percent placed on sugar-sweetened drinks could drop obesity rates by 3.5 percent and prevent 2,700 heart-related deaths every year.

It also calls for subsidizing the cost of healthy foods and vegetables to make them more affordable to more people.

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