Mars Mission: What's next

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nasa curiosity rover Mars Mission: What's next

Mars rover “Curiosity”, artist rendering provided by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (AP)

Most of the nail-biting moments are behind NASA scientists now that the Mars rover Curiosity gently touched down on the red planet last night.

Next up: the six wheeled geology lab will spend the next several months exploring the red planet, searching for signs that life could exist.

Steve Sell, with the Mars Mission at JPL, says this journey to Mars is the most high-tech mission for several reasons. He spoke with KFWB’s Lisa Osborn and Michael Shappee:

Mars fun facts:

Aa Mars day is 40 minutes longer than an earth day
3,000 have people contributed to this Mars mission
The average temperature on Mars is 81 degrees F

Keep up with the latest news, photos, and learn more at the NASA JPL Mars Exploration site.

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