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The Operations Manager at my church is in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Really. Dan Issel. All-Pro with Denver. But one of the all-time greats at one of the legendary programs in college basketball: The University of Kentucky.

Well, on Friday the Lakers signed a former Kentucky great-to-be, the back up shooting guard Jodie Meeks.

They got some other guy that day – a center. For some reason… signing Jodie didn’t get much pub.

So I’m talking with Dan about it yesterday. And another guy says he remembers Meeks scoring around 55 points in game three years ago.

A big smile comes on Dan’s face. He says he remembers exactly what happened in that game. Jodie scored 54 points against Tennessee. And broke the Kentucky record of 53. Yep. Scored by Dan Issel in 1970.

Hadn’t talked to him in a while. But loves the kid. And can’t wait ’til he gets to town.

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