Thank the halos

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Bret LewisIt may be galling for Dodger fans to admit it. But some credit for the wealth of good news lately goes to the Angels.

The Dodgers pulled off a massive trade with Boston that may be enough to get them in the playoffs. But word is, the Red Sox were reluctant to part with all those big name players; until they got swept at home by the Angels; and that made them realize they had to make a radical move.

Then came word that the treasured voice of the Dodgers will be back behind the mike for a 64th year. And Vin Scully says one of the big things that clinched it for him; the bold move by the Dodger owners to make this team championship material. A bold move that might not have been possible if the Angels hadn’t swept the Sox.

I know it’s tough, Dodger fans. But at least a little bit of gratitude is in order.

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