Attack of the gym people

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Bret LewisAnd every gym in America has the same people. According to ESPN’s Rick Reilly.

Among the usual suspects… Grunting Too Much Weight Dropper Dude. He comes in every day for two hours without fail because it’s always Chest, Arms and Neck Day.

 Unlimited Minutes Gal. She’s the one on the treadmill walking 1.3 miles per hour while watching “Judge Judy.

 Unnecessarily Nude Chatty Guy. He’s the guy in the locker room who suddenly wants to talk to you about the Vikings; buck naked and propping one foot on the bench you’re trying to get dressed on.

 Tour de France Lance. He’s the dude in your spin class wearing bike shorts, click-in shoes and a yellow Bimbo jersey, with two water bottles in the back pockets, absolutely killing it.

 On the Way to Work Stripper. ‘Nuff said.

 Annoying Twitter Guy. ‘Nuff said.


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