More violence across the Middle East over film

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BEIRUT (AP) – There are more violent protests in the Middle East and elsewhere today stemming from a film that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad. Security officials in Lebanon say a crowd set fire to a KFC and an Arby’s restaurant, and then clashed with police — who opened fire, killing one person.

In Sudan, several hundred protesters stormed the German Embassy and burned a car. Security forces in Yemen fired tear gas at a crowd of about 2,000 people trying to march to the U.S. embassy.

And hundreds of Afghans protested in Jalalabad, including some who urged an end to relations with the United States.

Thousands of angry Kashmiri Muslims in India have burned U.S. flags today and called President Barack Obama a “terrorist.” In a southern Indian city, protesters threw stones at the U.S. consulate, and burned Obama in effigy.

In Bangladesh, about 5,000 hardline Muslims marched through the streets of the capital after Friday prayers, burning U.S. and Israeli flags and calling for the arrest and the death of the maker of the anti-Muslim film.

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