As US troop "surge" ends, setbacks are piling up

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us afghanistan As US troop "surge" ends, setbacks are piling up

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WASHINGTON (AP) – Just as the last U.S. “surge” troops leave Afghanistan, trouble is breaking out in several key areas. Those problem areas are at the core of the strategy for winding down the U.S. and allied combat role and putting security responsibility in the hands of the Afghans.

At stake is the goal of ensuring that Afghanistan not revert to being a haven for terrorists.

Nearly two years after President Barack Obama announced that he was sending another 33,000 troops to Afghanistan, those reinforcements are completing their return home this week.

But the setbacks are piling up, including a spasm of deadly “insider” attacks by Afghan forces and an audacious Taliban assault on an air base that killed two Marines and destroyed six fighter jets.

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