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By Maggie McKay, KFWB afternoon anchor

maggie mckay Experience LA with Maggie McKayOK, we survived the first Carmageddon but now that the second time around is here we’re making it an excuse to CELEBRATE — or at least, deal with it.

This weekend there are more than  50 things to do arts related and it’s called Artmageddon! There are WAAAAAAAAAAAY too many events to mention but there is this VERY helpful website, easy to use, maps, all the info you need.


Artmageddon (Image credit: Artmageddon)

A couple highlights: art galleries, comedy clubs, major venues like the Hollywood Bowl, The Hammer Museum, musicals, you name it. Plus it’s going to be HOT this weekend so who wants to be driving around anyway? Most of these venues are air conditioned!

Have fun, stay safe and whatever in the world you do….stay away from the 405!

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