Snail's-pace shuttle moves across LA 5 hours late

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endeavourgraphic Snail's pace shuttle moves across LA 5 hours late

(graphic AP)

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The space shuttle Endeavour has slowed from a crawl to a snail’s pace – and quite often a dead stop – as it makes its final journey through the streets of Los Angeles.

The project’s unified command says Endeavour’s arrival at its new museum home was five hours behind schedule Saturday and likely to come after midnight.

The delay comes from the accumulation of dozens of small issues, described by officials as regular maintenance to the transporter and roadway obstacles.

Despite the pre-voyage removal of hundreds of trees and other potential problems, Endeavour has repeatedly struggled to lean, twist and squeeze past tree limbs, light posts and building edges.

The consequences of a late arrival were not clear beyond longer road closures, smaller crowds and fewer viewers for the finish line.

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