Seductive retail outlets sell more per square foot

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If you were asked to pick the most seductive of retail outlets chances are you’d think Apple.  It turns out that Apple’s retail stores ring up more sales per square foot than any others in the U.S. — $6,050. That’s almost twice as much as runner-up Tiffany ($3,017) and three times the sales of third-placed Lululemon Athletica ($1,936), which retails yoga clothing.

These stores ring up such high sales per square foot because they create a seductive experience for shoppers, or maybe their stuff is severely overpriced. The “seductive” aspect of the findings is part of a report by research company RetailSails.

Filling out the list of RetailSails’ 10 best-selling stores are Coach, Michael Kors, Select Comfort, True Religion, Vera Bradley, Birks & Mayors, and Fairway Market.

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