Union members voice anger over right-to-work legislation

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) – A union official is vowing to wage “war” against those who are moving to pass right-to-work legislation in the Michigan state Legislature.

Terry O’Sullivan, who heads the Labor International Union of North America, spoke today to a rally attended by several thousand union members near the Michigan statehouse. He warned elected officials who support the measure that “we are going to take you on and take you out.”

Protesters are packing the state Capitol in Lansing, chanting and stomping their feet as lawmakers take final votes on right-to-work legislation. A group of about 20 state troopers is blocking the Senate chamber.

A Republican state lawmaker who supports the legislation says opponents have a right to voice their anger — but John Proos says the anger will fade as the change in policy brings more jobs to Michigan.

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