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Get Ready for Lots of Hockey in a Hurry

Here we are at the beginning of a short, tight and sweet hockey season.  I often talk about how tough hockey players are; that the common injuries that keep players from other sports out of the game, would keep a hockey player out for a shift, maybe two. This season, that toughness will be tested.

I just watched to Kings lose their season/home opener to Chicago 5-2.  Disappointing for Kings fans I am sure, but also for the players.  I wonder which teams will collectively figure out how in this contracted schedule, every game matters. I refuse to gloat over the Kings’ loss, perhaps until the finish of tonight’s Ducks game.  I will say, however, that the NBC Hockey analysts who predicted the Kings would repeat have baffled. What history can they draw from? It is hard enough to repeat as it is, let alone…(read more)

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