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Laura Brady Saade started Give Me 10 about 10 years ago, when her kids were toddlers and she was desperate for some order in her days. Give Me 10 is a combination of her education at Wharton earning an MBA, a career in management consulting, and on-the-job training as someone trying to juggle all that life throws at us.

She’s thrilled when she hears from someone who has used Give Me 10 to navigate stumbling blocks, find a little balance in their days, and succeed at something they’d never thought they could do.

She spoke with Maggie McKay and Michael Knight:

For other in-person ways to access Give Me 10, Laura offers the following:

One-on-one consulting: defining your goals and making a plan for how to reach them (ideal for kick-starting ideas and periodic check-ins); locally in Los Angeles area or by telephone/Skype.

Workshops: sharing the Give Me 10 strategy with a group and brainstorming next steps together (great for building a support network and camaraderie)

Learn more online at Give Me 10.

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