Tessa overcomes odds in second chance at life

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Tessa (Photo credit:

Tessa (Photo credit:

L.A.'s Afternoon News: Maggie McKay and Michael Shappee
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Tessa, the dog was dumped at an L.A. city shelter by her owners at the beginning of January. She was in a desperate and malnourished state and scheduled to be euthanized within days. Instead, thanks to Annie Hart, Tessa has a chance to pull through. The dog had so many things wrong with her she could not walk or see. The outlook for Tessa was grim.

But Hart refused to give up, deciding instead to put Tessa on a regimen of both Western and Eastern medical treatments, including medication and acupuncture. Incredibly, Tessa soon showed signs of improvement. Since then, the dog has stunned everyone as she’s beaten the odds to get back on her paws. Tessa is walking and running now, and though still largely blind, she’s learned to use her other senses to get around and to feed herself.

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