The good old days

By Bret Lewis, KFWB sports anchor
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Bret Lewis

Bret Lewis

The ’71-’72 Lakers’ record is safe — the Heat lost to the Bulls 101-to-97. They fall six short of the Lakers’ streak of 33 straight wins.

And it’s probably still online. Rick Riley on with an article why the Lakers win streak would have STILL been more impressive… even if the Heat had matched it.

Things like fewer teams, tougher competition. Travel. Flying commercial. Sometimes coach. With lay-overs.

The Lakers played 3-games in 3-nights… four times during the streak.

But Rick ends with a great anecdote. The media attention was a whole lot less.

The L.A. Times broke down… and actually sent a reporter on the road with the Lakers when the wins started mounting up.

It was the late, great Mal Florence. The streak ended with a loss in Milwaukee and Mal’s editor called him home.

So he’s walking out of the team hotel. Lakers coach Bill Sharman asked why he was leaving.

And Mal said… “I don’t cover losers.”

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