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Bret Lewis

Bret Lewis

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Now what I’ve read (and experience seems to confirm it) we don’t steadily age even as the years pile up. It goes in spurts. You can turn 35, then, 36, 37… and your body is still about where it was at 35. Then… wham! You’re 38 and it feels like it.

For lack of a better theory, I’m going with that to explain the sudden fall off for Lakers guard Steve Nash. 38. And playing like it … even when healthy.  Journeymen point guards are having career highs against Nash while he struggles on offense especially with turnovers.

For some reason, Laker fans lay most of the blame for the collapse on Dwight Howard. As if a guy coming off back surgery and returning to the court two months ahead of schedule should be able to pick up right where he left off. Pau Gasol was always a question mark.

Lakers guard Steve Nash (AP Photo)

Lakers guard Steve Nash (AP Photo)

But Nash seemed to have defied time the last few years. And he was expected to take the pressure off Kobe, handling the ball especially in crunch time.

It’s been just the opposite. Kobe was averaging 46 minutes a game before Nash’s latest assortment of injuries. He hasn’t been able to control the pace of the game which was supposed to negate the athleticism of other teams.

Whether or not they make the playoffs, this season has still been a catastrophe. And the final epitaph could read … “Father Time is still undefeated.”

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