Feeling the Draft

By Bret Lewis, KFWB sports anchor
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Bret Lewis

Bret Lewis

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I feel like I am a long time, jaded observer of sports. Plus, the fan part of me has been regularly disappointed by my beloved Dallas Cowboys. So Thursday night, the highly hyped first round of the NFL draft. I sat down on the couch and checked it out and OH NO! THREE of the top FOUR PICKS WERE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN! AND THAT’S WHAT THE COWBOYS NEED. AND THEIR FIRST PICK IS NUMBER 18.

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Hmm. I mean… it’s not like the Cowboys will break a 17 year string and actually pick a good player. Besides, I’m not going to get emotionally involved in this again and WHAT? THE COWBOYS TRADED ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE 31ST PICK. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING?

I mean, as I have always said… you can’t judge a draft ’til two or three years down the road. Besides… if I let my emotions take hold, I’m just like Charley Brown in the Peanuts comic strip with Lucy jerking the ball away at the last minute. So you won’t suck me in again. WHAT? THEY FINALLY PICK. AND IT’S A CENTER FROM WISCONSIN I’VE NEVER HEARD OF? WE ARE NEVER GOING TO GO BACK TO ANOTHER SUPER BOWL!!!

Uh, hi. I’m Bret. And I am an NFL-o-holic.

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