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Jon Benson

Jon Benson

Today on Business RockstarsKen Rutkowski talks with Jon Benson, who after a near-fatal heart attack, changed his life. Using clever eating and training strategies, he transformed from an obese man with heart disease to a lean healthy human. Now the CEO of Jon Benson Fitness, Fitology, and 3X Formulas, he teaches others how improve their health – and their life.

Jon Benson is a well-known life coach, specializing in helping people transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. He has created numerous training and nutritional programs that have helped hundreds of thousands of people easily turn their lives around and free themselves of one of the most dangerous yet overlooked diseases of this century: obesity.

Jon Benson’s approach to nutrition and fitness is a little off the beaten path, and many of his ideas have been considered quite controversial. However, since he is living proof that his ideas and systems work, it has been difficult for the naysayers to refute the evidence.

Jon Benson prefers to work with people who have an open mind and are looking for the truth. His approach to diet and fitness might not always be popular with his peers, but there is little doubt regarding their effectiveness.

In his quest to help people better themselves, he has created and co-authored a wide range of books, from the highly popular Every Other Day Diet to Fit over 40. The first blog he ever published received an award for Best Health and Fitness Blog from Forbes Magazine in 2005.

Benson also worked together with Doctor Holly Lucille, N.D. R.N. to create another product, NaturaPause designed to help people naturally improve their hormone health. Jon Benson explains that hormones can often be blamed for a number of health problems including depression and obesity, which is why achieving hormone health is so important.

Jon Benson graduated from MIT Los Angeles, California and Abilene Christian University with a degree in Human Communications and Philosophical Studies, which probably contributes to his ability to communicate well with people and understand them.

He has also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, an approach used by most of today’s popular life coaches to help people make massive changes in their lives in a short period of time.

Read more about Jon Benson and other entrepreneurs at Business Rockstars and listen to the show today from 2-4 pm on KFWB News Talk 980 or the online stream.

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