They really are the evil empire

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Bret Lewis

Bret Lewis

You know fans can get kicked out of a baseball stadium if they are too unruly. But it seems the Yankees take this a step further. They have security guards that travel with the team; yes; to road games… and if they decide you are being too nasty to the lovable Yanks… they will turn around and get the local stadium security to kick you out.

Seriously. This first came out on the website “” A Toronto Blue Jays fan saw the two Yankee security thugs… in black suits, of course… they heard some fans seated near the bullpen… heckling Yankee pitchers. They wrote some notes in a little book… and came back later with Toronto police officers who forcibly removed the fans.

Officials for the Toronto Blue Jays did not deny this.

But it does beg the question: how can a Canadian offend a New Yorker?

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