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Bret Lewis

Bret Lewis

It’s common fodder for sports talk shows to debate what an athlete’s legacy will be BEFORE his career is over. Proof once again that a fan’s perspective can turn on a dime.

Two years ago, LeBron James was regarded as the most talented player in the NBA, but a choker who couldn’t win the big ones, was never going to be the champion Michael Jordan was. Now after one title and a dominating performance in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals complete with a buzzer-beater to win it, there is growing sentiment he is the best EVAH!!

Now step even further back to the late ’80s. Hard as it may be to believe it now but the overwhelming consensus on Michael Jordan was lots of highlights… scores plenty in the regular season… but he’s not a guy who can lead a team to a championship. Honest. That was the wide, widespread contention. Now you can’t find ANYONE who ever said Michael wasn’t the best clutch player of all time.

Michael was 27 when he won his first title. He added five more and that is his legacy. LeBron was 27 when he won his.

But I never doubted him for a minute. (We don’t have any old blogs lying around, do we?)

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