Heading to the bunkhouse

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Bret Lewis

Bret Lewis

My last broadcast, my last post on KFWB.COM. Retiring officially Friday, May 31st. And it has been quite a week. My co-workers have been beyond gracious. I’m sure I wasn’t always the easiest guy to work with they all said I was this week.

I’m reminded of the words of the late Mel Torme: “I may not have been the star I always wanted to be. But it’s enough if I have the respect of people I respect.” It has seemed so of late.

It sounds like something from “WKRP in Cincinnati”. (Old TV reference, kids). But I started out as an all night disc jockey while going to college in Austin, Texas. I had a wonderful career. I got to be… a TV newscaster, TV weatherman… radio and TV Sports including talk shows; in Miami… I actually got to go to Cuba to cover a series between the U.S. baseball team for the Pan Am Games and the Cuban National Team.

In L.A., everything from the World Cup to the Cowboys playing in and winning a Super Bowl. (Again, kids. Look it up. The Cowboys used to win.)

I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. A 12-step church program called “Celebrate Recovery” I’ve been involved with the past six years. It’s something I’m passionate about. And that is what I’m most grateful about in my life and my career. I got to do something that involved me passionately every day.

One more quote to close on. From the great actor John Barrymore. “You’re never old until regrets take the place of dreams.” I used to be a lot older than I am now.

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