Beware of ‘Life Alert’ scam!

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L.A.'s Afternoon News: Maggie McKay and Michael Shappee
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Robocall scammers are using “Life Alert” to swindle seniors. If there are senior citizens in your family, make them aware of a new barrage of annoying robocalls is targeting the elderly all across the country with the promise of a free medical alert system.

The recorded message says it’s Life Alert – the original “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” product advertised on TV. The sales pitch is convincing, but it’s a lie – and unfortunately people are falling for this clever scheme. The caller says the safety system has been paid for and he wants permission to ship it.

They may even ask for your Medicare number – which is your Social Security number – and the scammers bill you $35 a month for that supposedly free medical alert system. If you’ve fallen for this medic alert scam, contact your bank or credit card issuer right away.

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