‘Awkward Years Project’ aims to help self-conscious youth

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How old were you when you felt geeky or awkward? Was it when you were wearing braces, glasses, had acne and mean kids ruled your world?

Anyone who has ever gone through a geeky, self-conscious stage as an adolescent – and that’s most of us – probably hides the photos from that terrible time.

But Salt Lake City graphic designer Merilee Allred — a self-described “queen of the nerds” when she was in school — wants you to dig those pictures out and show kids it gets better.

So she started the Awkward Years Project, a blog that invites adults to pose with photos of themselves as kids to show how they turned out. The results are often startling.

Allred wishes she could tell her younger self, and all the kids going through a similar experience, that it does get better. She wants teens to know they are great people in the making.

Check out the site and send your picture to awkwardyearsproject.tumblr.com/

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