Blobfish wins ‘Uglies Animal Alive’ title

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A blobfish from a YouTube screen grab.

A blobfish from a YouTube screen grab.

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The blobfish, a deepwater dweller that looks like a melted head, has won the title of Ugliest Animal Alive, by popular vote. The Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which champions “aesthetically challenged” endangered species everywhere, ran a contest in August, inviting the Internet to pick their next mascot — essentially, the Ugliest Animal Alive.

The blobfish took home a thumping victory by more than 10,000 votes. The newly crowned mascot is also known as the “blob sculpin” and the “fathead sculpin.”

It lives at depths of over 1000 meters off coasts of California and Australia in the Pacific. It can grow up to more than two feet in length, and eats small marine invertebrates. The ugliest five that made the Society’s shortlist also included the Titicaca “scrotum” water frog which breathes through its skin folds, the kakapo, a chubby flightless parrot, the axolotl, a near-blind salamander which can regrow its limbs, and the proboscis monkey — a species in which mates are valued by the size of their nose.

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