The real letter from Target

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The Real Target letter

Are you one of the roughly 70 million people who got an email from Target last week about the store’s mega security breach? If so, be careful.  Target did indeed do a blast to customers to offer one year of free credit monitoring. The problem is scammers are also on the prowl and are sending out similar emails.  Target even says it has identified and stopped at least 12 scams preying on consumers via email, Facebook and other outlets. The real Target emails went to customers whose personal information was in the Target database that cyber thieves hacked into over the holiday season. The full extent of the hacking is still under investigation.

In the meantime, here’s what to do if you see an email from Target pop up in your inbox. If you’ve already opened the email: Target has posted a copy of the email it sent out online. Check it out here (opens a PDF file) to ensure the email you opened, the address it came from, and the link you clicked all matches up. If it doesn’t match, and especially if you clicked a link to an external website and entered personal information, you need to take action quickly, according to  They say first, get a copy of your credit report, check your bank and credit card activity on a daily basis and call the credit reporting agencies to tell them what happened. You can ask to have a fraud alert placed on your account, meaning it will be flagged to lenders if someone attempts to open credit in your name.

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