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Penny and Phil Sound Bite

If you are planning something special for your significant other for Valentines day, and that something special includes emailing or texting something racy, hold on a second while we discuss what could possibly happen to you.

Phil and Penny spoke with Michelle Finneran Dennedy, who  is Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, she is also considered the resident “Digital Relationship Expert” at computer security firm, McAfee:

While women ages 18 to 24 send more intimate messages, emails and photos than men do, overall more men are likely to use their mobile device to send and receive similar content (61% men vs. 48% women).

According to the survey, more men than women protect their mobile devices (74% men vs. 65% women). Given the desire to protect their mobile devices and their content more than two-thirds of men are interested in purchasing biometric security embedded capabilities (e.g. face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.).

While 96% of those surveyed trust their significant other with intimate content or otherwise private information they have sent, only 32% have asked their partner to delete the information when ending the relationship.

Seventy-six percent of respondents plan to post messages, while 58% will post photos via a social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) this Valentine’s Day.

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