Video purports airline cockpits not safe

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What some are calling a chilling new video shows how a terrorist could breach an airliner’s cockpit in just two seconds and lock its reinforced door behind him.

Basically terrorists would hang out near the cockpit door waiting for the opportunity to storm the cockpit when the door swings open.  Of course the cockpit doors were strengthened after 9/11.

But Ellen Saracini, widow of United Airlines Flight 175 Capt. Victor Saracini, whose plane crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center, is pushing for added security.

She told the Huffington Post she produced the clip with help of industry allies. Saracini wants Congress to pass legislation that would require secondary barriers like metal gates inside cockpit doors.

Proponents, including law enforcement, pilots and flight attendants’ unions, say the secondary barriers could stall an attack.

Airlines oppose the mandate, which could cost $12,000 per aircraft.

A  former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and a co-sponsor of the secondary barrier bill, praised the video’s intent but not its public release.

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