‘Selfies’ to avoid IRS problem become an Instagram sensation

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Man's Instagram account proves his residence to the IRS.

Man’s Instagram account proves his residence to the IRS.

Andy Jarvis, an architect from Philadelphia, travels so much to New York City for work that he thought it prudent to rent an apartment near his firm’s New York City location.

Sounds logical, right? It was, until he found out that in order to not pay property taxes in New York City, he could only “live” in the city for a maximum of 182 days a year. According to Jarvis’ daughter Anne, her dad is a play-by-the rules kind of guy. So he started taking what he merely thought were practical, self-shot, time-stamped photos to keep just in case the IRS came knocking.

What Jarvis didn’t know was that Instagram users would find his casual “selfies” endlessly amusing. Anne collected them on an Instagram account, and all together they read like some sort of stark, slice-of-life art project with repetitive shots of Andy next to his car, Andy with a newspaper and on and on.

View the Instagram photos – http://instagram.com/internalrevenueselfies#

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