Affordable Care Act/Covered California

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CPA Greg Wind explains what you need to know concerning the taxes associated with “Obamacare.” ++

How will Obamacare affect medicare and workman’s compensation? Social Security expert Andy Landis and worker’s comp attorney Barry Hinden explain. ++

Bob talks with a caller and with Investigative Reporter Charles Feldman about the coverage of mental health issues. ++

Why its sometimes hard to tell if your doctor is in the Covered California network. Bob talks with Investigative Reporter Charles Feldman. ++

As of 11-11-13, how far can you get into the Covered California website? Investigative Reporter Charles Feldman. ++

Investigative Reporter Charles Feldman discusses if your workplace health insurance plan is crummy, can you sign up for Covered California. ++

How do you deal with the various scams that are trying to take advantage of Obamacare? Bob talks with Investigative Reporter Charles Feldman and with personal finance columnist Liz Weston. ++

The White House says the website can handle up to 50,000 visitors at a time. What about Covered California (Obamacare here in the Golden State)? Why was it having so many problems with it’s phone-in service? Can you get a list of approved doctors without signing up first? Dana Howard, the Deputy Communications Director of Covered California discusses. ++

Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks with Dr. David Agus, author of “A Short Guide to a Long Life” about the ways to fix Obamacare. ++

Louise McCarthy, the Chief Executive of the Community Clinic Association of LA County, discusses the shift of low-income Californians from county health plans to the state’s huge Medi-Cal system. ++
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