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Don Lemon: Why selfies and crime don’t mix

We can all agree that people are taking too many selfies, often taking the photos at inappropriate times. But this almost universal penchant for recording life moments is actually helping law enforcement. CNN’s Don Lemon, […]


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Ayman Moyeldin: Israeli aircraft hit more than 70 targets in Gaza

The U.S. and Egypt are seeking an end to two weeks of bloodshed in the Gaza Strip, and both are raising the possibility of restarting stalled peace talks between Israel and Palestinian authorities as a […]


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Bob Costantini: US sharpens criticism of Hamas, urges cease-fire

Secretary of State John Kerry is headed to Cairo today in an effort to build momentum toward a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. He will urge the militant Palestinian group […]


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Scott Mayerowitz: Why airline didn’t avoid risky Ukraine airspace

Why didn’t Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 avoid flying over Ukraine, when US flights and planes from several other countries has all diverted their planes a safe distance away from the fighting? Scott Mayerowitz, who is […]


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Don Lemon: You have to be stern when it comes to customer service

Who doesn’t have a cable-provider horror story? But yesterday, we told you about one that has to be the all-time winner. A Comcast service rep kept a customer on the phone for nearly 10 minutes, trying […]