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Latest Money 101 Show Highlights


Holiday travel deals

Learn how you can still get some last-minute Thanksgiving holiday travel deals from Tom Parsons of



Tips for repairing your credit

Bob talks with John Ulzheimer, contributor to and with Jennifer Waters, Consumer Confidential columnist with



Career concerns for those over 50

How to land that job (or make that career change) when you’re over 50. Helen Dennis, a nationally recognized leader on issues of aging, employment and retirement, writes a column on those issues for the […]



Information you can use when thinking about retirement

Will Social Security be there when you retire? This and many other questions are answered as Andy Landis, the author of “Thinking Retirement,” discusses it all with Money 101 host Bob McCormick.



Learn about the tactics of debt collectors

Learn about the different tactics used by debt collectors, including one who thinks way out of the box. Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks with personal finance guru Liz Weston and with Bill Bartmann, CEO […]


Monday on Money 101 with Bob McCormick

We have the information you need to help with your home and finances. Today on Money 101 with Bob McCormick the conversation will include: A do-it-yourself guide to home repair. Find out when using a hammer and […]



The relationship between Obamacare and Medicare

Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks with Julie Schoen, legal counsel for the Council on Aging of Orange County, about the relationship between Obamacare and Medicare — and the various Medicare scams out there.


Lori Shreve Blake

Jobs Friday podcast from Money 101

Money 101 guest host Ron Kilgore talks with Lori Shreve Blake, Senior Director of Alumni and Student Career Services at USC’s Career Center, for today’s edition of “Jobs Friday” on Money 101. She has the number […]



Investing in hip-hop

Money 101 guest host Ron Kilgore talks with entrepreneur Won-G Bruny, a musician and founder of Real Sovage Clothing. He has sold over 2 million albums without the help of a record label. Also in […]



What Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia means to you

Microsoft buys Nokia. What does this mean for you? Money 101 host Bob McCormick spoke with Dave Johnson, a contributor on CBS MoneyWatch and the editorial director of eHow Tech. Plus, Bob and Dave discuss […]



Expert information about home office deductions

Bob talks with Eva Rosenberg and with tax attorney Phil Panitz about home office deductions.