Dr. Chambers On Call

Dr-Joe-Chambers-finalDr. Chambers MD, F.A.C.P. is a board certified internist. He currently works as an acute care physician in Los Angeles. Saturday mornings 6-8 a.m. you’ll find him keeping listeners healthy without a co-pay on his popular Dr. Chambers On Call medical call in show.

In a fast-paced two hours, Dr. Chambers brings twenty years of acute care experience to answer your medical questions. He also delivers the latest medical news and the inside scoop on surviving our complex medical world. Remember, more health care isn’t always better health care – BUT, if you do need surgery, medicine or whatever, Dr. Chambers wants you to get what actually works. And the beauty of it, there’s no insurance needed, no appointment necessary and no co-pay.

Visit Dr. Chambers web site.

Dr. Chambers On Call, keeping you healthy without the dreaded co-pay Saturday mornings 6-8 a.m., (888) 539-2980.


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