Financial Fraud

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What do you do when a telemarketer calls you on your cell phone? Can you recover monetary damages? And how do spammers trick you into thinking you’re answering a local call? Joe Ridout of and Jon Wilhelm of ++

Bob has a cautionary tale of a man who didn’t take care of his money and talks with Robert Brennan about how to make sure you have all your “financial ducks” in a row. ++

Do firms like LifeLock really prevent identity theft? Bob talks with Attorney, Mediator and Certified Information Privacy Professional Mari Frank and with Private Investigator John Nazarian. ++

Bob talks with Robert Brennan about the dangers of payday loans. ++

Robert Brennan explains how the elderly can protect themselves from financial fraud. ++

Social Security expert Andy Landis explains how to ensure you’re not the victim of fraud with your Social Security payment. ++

What should you do if your ID is stolen? Robert Brennan advises that you obtain a credit freeze. ++

LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey tells Bob McCormick about her mother who was the victim of a financial elder scam. ++

Is it a good idea to use debit cards? Robert Brennan of SoCalCreditDamage and Steve Kovsky, a tech author and journalist. ++

Attorney Robert Brennan of SoCalCreditDamage explains how to fix your credit in the wake of identity theft. ++
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