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How to avoid getting scammed instead of getting that next job. Bob talks with entrepreneur and career coach Antonio Neves. ++

What do you do when you get that job lead? Bob talks with Lori Shreve Blake, Senior Director of Alumni and Student Career Services at USC’s Career Center. ++

LA Career Coach Daisy Swann says some people dress too casually on Casual Fridays. ++

USC’s Dr. Gary Fraiser explains how college grads should look for work. ++

Life coach Dr. John McGrail addresses the “spray and pray” job search method. ++

Image consultant Lori Robinson explains the business lunch. ++

Professor Kirk Snyder at USC’s Center for Management Communications talks about your business image. ++

USC’s Dr. Gary Fraser discusses job preparation for college grads. ++

Teri Thompson explains how to use LinkedIn to advertise your job opening. ++

Professor Kirk Snyder at USC’s Center for Management Communications explains how public speaking fits into the job search. ++

USC’s Dr. Gary Fraser reviews online job searches and the personal touch. ++

How social media fits into your business and your job search with Teri Thompson and Antonio Neves. ++

Jobs coach Antonio Neves stresses the importance of research for your business. ++

Jason Wall, Research Analyst at UCLA Career Center, talks about the jobs of the future. ++

Jim DeSimone, an employment rights attorney with, discusses a variety of employment issues, including workplace discrimination. ++

Tips for job seekers from Lori Shreve Blake, senior director of alumni and student career services at USC’s career center. ++

What to do if you’ve been discriminated against at work? Employment law attorney Jim DeSimone discusses. ++

How to land that job (or make that career change) when you’re over 50. Helen Dennis, a nationally recognized leader on issues of aging, employment and retirement, writes a column on those issues for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group. ++

AARP jobs expert Kerry Hannon explains the things job applicants over the age of 50 should know. ++

AARP jobs expert Kerry Hannon helps those over age 50 identify the best job prospects. Her latest book is “Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy … and Pays the Bills.” ++
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