Retirement and Wills

The role of Social Security and Disability when it comes to Estate Planning. Bob talks with Andy Landis, of Thinking Retirement and Worker’s Compensation attorney Barry Hinden. ++

There are many things to consider when planning for the future. Bob talks with Colleen Barney, a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law at Albrecht Barney. ++

Are annuities getting a bad rap? Bob talks with Kris Miller of ++

Bob talks with Social Security expert Andy Landis about the myths surrounding the program. ++

Can a pre-existing condition bar you from long-term care insurance? Kris Miller has the answer. ++

Kris Miller talks about choosing a nursing home. ++

Kris Miller discusses annuity investments. ++

Kris Miller talks about long term care insurance. ++

Kris Miller talks about medicare changes. ++

Kris Miller talks about setting up a living trust. ++

How to get out of an annuity even after you’ve signed on the dotted line. Attorney Robert Rosen explains. ++

The ins and outs of estate planning with Attorney Stuart Zimring of ++

How to handle elder family members without putting them in nursing homes. Ron Kilgore talks with Lora King, author of ‘Stolen,” a book about Alzheimer’s, and with Susan Geffen, a gerontologist, elder law attorney and author of “Take This Nursing Home and Shove It.” ++

Will Social Security be there for you? Bob has the results of a new study and talks about it with Andy Landis of ‘Thinking Retirement.” Also Bob talks to Barry Hinden, senior partner and founder of Hinden & Breslavsky about worker’s compensation. ++

Financial advice columnist Liz Weston provides information about retirement income strategies. ++

Financial advice columnist Liz Weston provides information about retirement accounts. ++

Learn about retirement annuity traps with financial advice columnist Liz Weston. ++

If you are over 66, you can suspend your Social Security payments. Andy Landis, author of “Thinking Retirement,” explains the reasons for doing it. ++

Attorneys Zoran Basich and Bonnie Marshall ( discuss how to combat the high cost of nursing homes and long-term care. ++

Certified Financial Planner Eileen Freiberger explains why you need a retirement account. ++

The ins and outs of living trusts with Estate Planner Colleen Barney. ++

When it comes to Social Security, have you heard about the “Viagra benefit”? How about “File and Suspend”? Andy Landis of Thinking Retirement explains. ++

Bob talks with elder attorney Benjamin Brin about wills and trusts. ++

Is a nursing home for your parents? What about for you — eventually? Bob talks with Attorney Susan B. Geffen, author of “Take this Nursing Home and Shove It!” ++

Avoiding family fights over estates. Bob talks with Estate Planning Attorney Colleen Barney and with licensed family therapist Dr. Rick Shuman. ++

“Thinking Retirement” author and Social Security guru Andy Landis talks about the time it would take for Social Security to run out of money if Congress takes no action. ++

“Thinking Retirement” author Andy Landis talks about what it takes to qualify for Social Security Disability. ++

“Thinking Retirement” author Andy Landis talks about “old earnings” versus “new earnings” when Social Security figures your benefits. ++

“Thinking Retirement” author Andy Landis explains how soon you can get your late spouse’s benefits after he/she dies. ++

“Thinking Retirement” author Andy Landis fills you in on the procedure known as “file and suspend.” ++

“Thinking Retirement” author Andy Landis talks about waiting to max out your Social Security benefits. ++

“Thinking Retirement” author Andy Landis talks about when your children need Social Security. ++

“Thinking Retirement” author Andy Landis discusses what happens if your spouse doesn’t have enough “quarters” for Social Security. ++

Social Security expert Angela Allen explains who can collect Social Security. ++

Attorney Marty Burbank reviews some veterans benefits you may not be aware of. ++

Angela Allen explains some of the rules for filing and suspending your Social Security benefits. ++

SSI versus worker’s comp: How do deal with overpayments. Bob talks with Angela Allen. ++

Andy Landis, author of “Social Security: The Inside Story” explains the benefits of “File and Suspend” when it comes to Social Security. ++

Former Social Security Representative Angela Allen, author of “Angela Allen’s SSI: The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know” and “Win Your Benefits” shares some year-end tips. ++

Andy Landis of Thinking Retirement reviews the new Social Security regulations for 2014 and explains the result of one spouse getting Social Security while the other is still working. ++

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