Smart Money Fundamentals


Smart Money Fundamentals is a call-in show dedicated to helping consumers on important financial topics such as retirement planning, financial planning, real estate, social security, investing, taxes and more!

When you tune in, you will hear market updates, current financial news, intelligent investment strategies and lively discussion of how to make the most of your money.

Feel free to call and ask questions live from some of the most successful financial masterminds around the country including guests. Smart Money Fundamentals is hosted by Searchlight Financial Advisors who are a team of industry professionals based in Beverly Hills, California.

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SearchLight Financial Advisors is a unique team of seasoned professionals ready to offer you an innovative plan of guarantees and growth without sacrificing flexibility in your financial portfolio. We have over 40 years of combined experience in managing security operations, trading, marketing and administration.

SearchLight Financial Advisors also offers educational instruction – providing seminars and courses to the public, including investment clubs, book clubs, colleges and universities, service organizations, corporations of all sizes and more. We strive to teach our team members to be better professionals and our clients to be better financial decision-makers.

Visit the SearchLight Financial Advisors website to learn more.



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