3D Printing

Dylan Laas shows how his Robohand works during an interview with the Associated Press in Johannesburg. (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)

Robohand uses 3D printing to replace lost digits

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Richard Van As, a South African carpenter, lost four fingers from his right hand to a circular saw two years ago. He was unable to afford the tens of thousands of dollars […]


President Barack Obama (AP Photo)

Obama pedals bike at 3rd White House science fair

(AP) — It was an offer President Barack Obama couldn’t refuse. “You’re welcome to try this out if you like,” the Oakland Park, Fla., high school student said. With that, a president who often laments a lifestyle that denies him the pleasure of driving eagerly hopped on.


The Urbee (Photo credit: Urbee YouTube Channel)

3-D printed car is very green (video)

Watch this video of a car that was printed using a 3-D printer, and touted as the world’s greenest car.



Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – It sounds incredible, but a group is working to download a gun’s design and build it on a 3-D printer. There wouldn’t be any background checks for such a gun and that prospect is disquieting to gun control advocates.



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