Penny and Phil Sound Bite 26% of Americans have no emergency savings

Do you have an emergency savings fund, six months’ worth of expenses to cover you in case you lose your job or are hit by a catastrophic event? Well, according to a new report, most […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

March numbers are out, US employers add 192K jobs

The first quarter of this year was unimpressive, economically speaking. Most observers blame Old Man Winter for the economic doldrums. But this morning, the labor department released it’s March jobs report, and it gives us […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

3 in10 Americans haven’t visited a bank or credit union

When was the last time you actually walked into a bank ? It doesn’t happen as much as it used to. Penny and Phil discussed the details from some new research with Greg McBride, who is the chief financial analyst […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

The January jobs report

Economists were looking for a weak jobs report today, and that’s what they got. The labor department reported that 113,000 new jobs were created in January. That’s less than the 185,000 expected. But the unemployment […]


Penny and Phil Sound Bite

Holiday shopping numbers for 2013

The holiday shopping bills are coming in now…How did you do? Did you stay on budget? took a look at the numbers, and their senior financial analyst Greg McBride spoke with Penny and Phil […]


Bank fees further erode free checking accounts

CHICAGO (AP) – Truly free checking accounts are becoming rarer as banks add more fees to boost their profits. Financial data publisher Bankrate says a survey shows only 39 percent of non-interest checking accounts are […]



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