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NBC hires former Obama strategist

NEW YORK (AP) — David Axelrod, former strategist and aide to President Obama, has landed a new job at NBC News. The network said Tuesday that Axelrod is joining as a senior political analyst.


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Text of Obama’s State of the Union address

(AP) – The text of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, released by the White House as prepared for delivery: “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, fellow citizens:


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Hot rhetoric, tiny numbers separate Obama, Boehner

WASHINGTON (AP) — In their fiscal cliff standoff, President Obama wants to raise taxes by $20 billion a year more than House Speaker Boehner. The president wants the government to spend that much more yearly than Boehner does, too.


Fiscal cliff

Comparison of ‘fiscal cliff’ plans

(AP) – There are several competing plans to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” a one-two combination of tax increases and automatic spending cuts. Here are some highlights of the plans.



IRS: 100M taxpayers face delays without AMT fix

WASHINGTON (AP) — Up to 100 million taxpayers — about two-thirds of all filers — won’t be able to file their 2012 tax returns until late March if Congress doesn’t adjust the alternative minimum tax by the end of the year, the Internal Revenue Service said.


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Obama: He and Boehner ‘pretty close’ to a deal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Optimistic despite a tightening deadline, President Barack Obama said Wednesday he and House Speaker John Boehner are “pretty close” to a grand fiscal deal to avoid a first-of-the-year shock to the economy, but — read more.


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Cliff talks hit a lull with Boehner’s ‘Plan B’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just two weeks from an economy-threatening deadline, fiscal cliff talks hit a lull Tuesday.


Fiscal Cliff

What’s on the table now in ‘fiscal cliff’ talks

(AP) – An update on the latest offers on the table in negotiations to avert a year-end avalanche of federal tax increases and spending cuts known as the “fiscal cliff”:


President Barack Obama (r) and House Speaker John Boehner. (AP Photo)

AP sources: New Obama offer moves toward Boehner

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has proposed a deficit-reduction package to House Speaker John Boehner that would increase the top tax rates on taxpayers earning more than $400,000. Read more here.


President Barack Obama (r) and House Speaker John Boehner. (AP Photo)

Obama, Boehner meet at the White House

WASHINGTON (AP) – A White House official says President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (BAY’-nur) have met at the White House to discuss the pending fiscal cliff and deficit reduction.


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A look at prolific Twitter accounts

LONDON (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI hit the 1 million Twitter follower mark on Wednesday as he sent his first tweet. Below is a glance at other members of the Twitterati.


After defeat, cloudy future ahead for Mitt Romney

BOSTON (AP) – Mitt Romney spent the past six years running for president. After his loss to President Barack Obama on Tuesday, he’ll have to chart a different course. The initial plan is to spend […]