Celebrities air post-election feelings online

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Mariah Carey was so excited about President Barack Obama’s re-election that she released a new song in his honor. Beyoncé popped up on Instagram with a rebuke for Mitt Romney, while […]


Obama: New jobs growth part of 'real progress'

HILLIARD, Ohio (AP) – President Barack Obama is hailing another month of job growth but declaring “we’ve got more work to do.” Obama said the job growth is part of a pattern of `real progress’ […]


'Binders full of women' effort predated Romney

BOSTON (AP) – A coalition of Massachusetts women’s groups says GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney did, in fact, receive binders with the names of potential female candidates for high-level positions when he was governor. Romney’s […]


Romney, Obama in battle for working-class whites

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney are working feverishly for an increasingly smaller but crucial slice of the electorate – white, working-class voters. These clock-punching voters – from […]


Study: Coverage of Obama, Romney highly negative

(AP) – A study finds that news coverage of both major presidential candidates has been more negative this year than in almost any other recent election. The report is by the Pew Research Center‘s Project […]


Obama holds online advantage

(AP) – If the presidential election was held online, it might be a landslide for the incumbent. A new study indicates President Barack Obama has an advantage over Republican challenger Mitt Romney when it comes […]




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