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Bob Costantini: Far fewer Iraqi refugees now on Sinjar Mt

U-S air strikes continue in Northern Iraq, and there was another air drop of humanitarian aid overnight to help refugees trapped on top of Sinjar Mountain, but the pentagon says it is far less likely […]


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Bob Costantini: US may start air evacuations in Iraq

Another 130 US troops arrived in Iraq on what the Pentagon describes as a mission to assess the scope of the humanitarian crisis facing thousands of displaced Iraqi civilians trapped on Sinjar Mountain. NBC’s Bob […]


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Bob Costantini: Maliki tells army to keep out of politics

U-S air strikes continue over Northern Iraq, as do air drops of food and water for refugees trapped on a mountaintop by Islamic militants. The fight against the Islamic State rages as a political battle […]


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Bob Costantini: US sharpens criticism of Hamas, urges cease-fire

Secretary of State John Kerry is headed to Cairo today in an effort to build momentum toward a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. He will urge the militant Palestinian group […]


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Bob Costantini on shooting of Flight MH17

US intelligence authorities confirm that a surface-to-air missile downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killing 298 people. What they do not know is whether the missile was fired from Ukraine or from Russia. NBC’s Bob Costantini […]


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Bob Costantini: The Deputy Attorney General is looking into IRS emails

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding another hearing today on the investigation into the alleged targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status by the IRS. This comes as the Justice Department is expanding […]


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Bob Costantini: House passes highway bill as deadline looms

A bill replenishing the federal Highway Trust Fund is on its way to the Senate after winning approval by the House. Penny and Paul discussed why this is important to some lawmakers  with NBC’s Bob Costantini :


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Bob Costantini: Republicans want to reign in President Obama

House Republicans have taken the first step toward suing President Obama. House Speaker John Boehner released a draft resolution yesterday that would authorize the House to file suit. Penny and Phil spoke in detail about the lawsuit […]


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Bob Costantini: Obama, Perry have face-to-face meeting

In what figures to be a tough sell, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is going to Capitol Hill to make the case for President Obama’s request for $3.7 billion to help deal with a flood […]


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Bob Costantini: VA official apologizes to whistleblowers facing retaliation

The House Veteran’s Affairs Committee held a rare night-time hearing to discuss claims of retaliation against those who blew the whistle on problems with the VA health care system. Penny and Phil discussed the details with NBC News […]




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