Bob McCormick


DUI checkpoints aren’t just about alcohol anymore

Attorney Debra White talks with Money 101 host Bob McCormick about DUI checkpoints and about the fact that starting New Year’s Eve, police can also check for marijuana in driver’s systems.



Two of the holiday movies vying for your bucks

Is it worth spending your money to see “The Wolf of Wall Street?” Is “Anchor Man 2″ worth the hype? Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks with William Bibbiani, film critic of, co-host of […]



Which flicks are worth your bucks this holiday?

Film critic William Bibbiani — host of “The B-Movies Podcast” (available on iTunes) and a new web series called “The 12-Days of Killmas” talks with Money 101’s Bob McCormick about the latest films:


Tune in for Money 101

On today’s Money 101 with Bob McCormick, the topics of discussion will include: The best gift cards for the holidays.  Bob talks with Gerri Detweiler of Thanksgiving travel deals that are NOT turkeys.  Tom […]



Latest jobs report for LA and OC

How many new jobs are available on Los Angeles and Orange Counties and what are the hot categories? Money 101 host  Bob McCormick talks with Lori Shreve Blake, Senior Director of Alumni and Student Career […]



Unemployment office grappling with computer glitch

California’s Employment Development Department is wrestling with a computer glitch that’s preventing thousands of people from getting their unemployment money on time. Money 101 host Bob McCormick discussed it with Loree Levy, a spokeswoman for […]



Find out what to do when you get a red light traffic ticket

Find out what to do when you get a red-light traffic ticket. Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks with Jay Beeber and attorney Sherry Cross.



A discussion of the Jackson case and class action cases

Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks with Brian Kabateck ( one of the nation’s leading consumer lawyers (and a former Michael Jackson lawyer) about what we can learn from the Jackson case and also about class […]


Money 101 Monday topics

Some of the topics of discussion on Monday’s Money 101 with Bob McCormick include: A court decision on Medical limits, and what it means to you. Money 101 with Bob McCormick at 9:05 on KFWB […]



July 1 important date for renters

Listen to some of the topics discussed in this segment of Money 101 relating to landlords and tenants, including why July 1st could be a big date for renters. Money 101 host Bob McCormick talks […]


Lori Shreve Blake

Job openings in LA and OC

Lori Shreve Blake, Senior Director of Alumni and Student Career Services at USC’s Career Center, highlights the hot jobs in L.A. and Orange County in this report with Money 101 host Bob McCormick:


Money 101: Smart ways to manage your money

We have the information you need to help with your finances. Today on Money 101 with Bob McCormick the conversation will include: Home inspector Jon Wilhelm will have tips to help you save money on […]