Boeing 777

Deborah Hersman, NTSB Chairman, discussing crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, San Francisco. (AP Photo)

Outline emerges of last moments before plane crash

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Nearly a week after Asiana Flight 214 collided with a rocky seawall just short of its intended airport runway, investigators have pieced together an outline of the event — what should […]


Pilot in cockpit of jet

Investigators look into pairing of Asiana pilots

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) — As Flight 214 descended over San Francisco Bay, both Asiana Airlines pilots were in new roles. In the left seat of the cockpit sat a pilot with just 35 […]


Asiana Airlines Flight 214 "Black Box." (AP Photo)

NTSB: Pilots relied on automatic speed control

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) — The pilots of Asiana Flight 214 relied on automated cockpit equipment to control the jetliner’s speed as they landed at San Francisco airport, but realized too late they were […]


Site of Boeing 777 Asiana Airlines flight 214 that crashed while landing at the San Francisco International Airport. (AP Photo)

NTSB: Flight attendants ejected during crash

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) — Two flight attendants in the back of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 survived despite being thrown onto the runway when the plane slammed into a seawall and lost its tail […]


Site of Boeing 777 Asiana Airlines flight 214 that crashed while landing at the San Francisco International Airport. (National Transportation Security Board / AP Photo)

NTSB Chair Updates Penny and Phil About SFO Crash Investigation

this morning at 5:50, National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman, Deborah Hersman checked in with Penny Griego and Phil Hulett to update them on the extensive investigation into Saturday’s crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 […]


Asiana Airlines Flight 214 "Black Box." (AP Photo)

Slow landing speed of San Francisco jet probed

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Investigators have determined that Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was traveling “significantly below” the target speed during its approach and that the crew tried to abort the landing just before it smashed […]


Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 jet burns after crashing on landing at San Francisco International Airport, California (AP Photo).

Asiana attendant describes dramatic evacuation

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The evacuation of Asiana Flight 214 began badly. Even before the mangled jetliner began filling with smoke, two evacuation slides on the doors inflated inside the cabin instead of outside, pinning […]


Asiana Airlines Flight 214 "Black Box." (AP Photo)

Asiana flight tried to abort landing

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A federal safety official said Sunday the cockpit voice recorder from Asiana Flight 214 showed the jetliner received a warning that it could stall because it was flying too slowly and […]


(AP Photo)

Experts: Boeing 777 has ‘fantastic’ safety record

WASHINGTON (AP) – The crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 in San Francisco on Saturday is only the second major accident for the twin-engine, wide-bodied jet in the 18 years the model has been […]


Bomb threat prompts airplane search at LAX

  LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities searched an airplane scheduled to depart from Los Angeles International Airport after someone called police and made a bomb threat. The airport’s police Sgt. Belinda Nettles said in a […]




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