Karlesha Thurman posted this photo of herself breastfeeding her baby during her graduation at Cal State University Long Beach, on her Facebook page.

Outrage over breastfeeding college grad ignites the Internet

25-year-old Karlesha Thurman just graduated from California State University, Long Beach. And she posted a photo from the ceremony on Facebook that made the Internet go crazy. Karlesha is a single mother, and she brought […]


Breastfeeding campaign in Mexico City.

Backlash against breast-feeding campaign in Mexico City

Mexico City’s new health campaign to encourage new mothers to nurse has left a sour taste in health advocates’ mouths due to campaign posters that feature topless celebrities. The posters show topless famous women with […]


Breastmilk pendant on sale at (Photo: Etsy)

Lock of baby’s hair, first tooth … breast milk?

(AP) – Few issues polarize mothers more than breast-feeding, and all things related to breast-feeding, so wearing processed breast milk around the neck or in a bracelet has ignited some passions.



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