Rock of Ages review and featurette

Leo Quinones, host of KFWB’s Film Freak Movie Talk Show, has this to say about “Rock of Ages:” The year: 1987. Mullets were the rage. I know, I had one. On the upside, I had […]


405 closures: Metro to hold live chat to talk 'Ramp Jam'

(CNS) – Los Angeles Country transportation officials today announced a live chat for the public to ask questions about the looming three- month closure of on- and off-ramps to the San Diego (405) Freeway at […]


Commerce: Bryson suffered seizure

(AP) – Police in San Gabriel, Calif., have cited Commerce Secretary John Bryson for felony hit-and-run after a pair of car crashes Saturday. The secretary was driving alone when he allegedly rear-ended a stopped vehicle. […]


Ferrari auctions race car to raise cash for quake

(AP) – Ferrari is auctioning a race car to raise money for victims of the earthquakes that have rocked its northern Italian birthplace, Emilia-Romagna. The 599XX Evo has a commercial value of euro1.3 million. The […]


Check out today's Money 101 topics

Today on Money 101 with guest host Ron Kilgore: Is the government teaching your kids about the money the wrong way? The creator of “Sammy Rabbit” will be on the show at 9:17am An iconic […]


Hidden camera investigation on CalTrans workers

There are a lot of construction projects on Los Angeles area freeways right now and CalTrans workers are out in force. But how hard are they working, or, to put it another way, how hard […]


Toddler's wild ride

(AP) – A Southern California thief stole a car with a toddler inside. The girl was dropped off unharmed a short time later. Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators say the thief got into the silver […]


Money 101 guest info, April 20

Bob Koontz Specialties: Classic cars Phone: (714) 579-7743 Email: Website:


California vanity plate design for dog and cat lovers

California has more dogs, cats and cars than any other state, so why aren’t pet-loving drivers rallying around a license plate designed to curb overpopulation and reduce euthanasia? To make the pet lovers’ license plate […]


Calif. high-speed rail plan

The price tag for California’s ambitious high-speed rail project has dropped to $68.4 billion. That’s about $30 billion less than first proposed. The first full section of track will be expanded to stretch from Merced […]





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