Changing room

Bret Lewis

Settle down kids

When WILL the Lakers learn to play nice? The New York Post claims that relations between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant at the All Star game were “icy” to say the least.


Bret Lewis

A new super-hero

The Giants beat the Packers 38-to-10 Sunday night in East Rutherford, New Jersey. After the game, Giants’ tight end Martellus Bennett was talking with fans near the field entrance to the locker room when a […]


Attack of the gym people

And every gym in America has the same people. According to ESPN’s Rick Reilly. Among the usual suspects… Grunting Too Much Weight Dropper Dude. He comes in every day for two hours without fail because […]


Hidden camera in dressing room

(CNS) – Orange County sheriff’s investigators were checking surveillance footage today in an attempt to determine who placed a hidden camera in a dressing room of a clothing store at the Shops at Mission Viejo. […]



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