Charlie Watts

Stones are older than the Supremes

On average the Stones older than US Supreme Court

NEW YORK (AP) – The Supreme Court used to be called Nine Old Men. That’s nothing compared to the ageless Rolling Stones. The justices on average are the kid brothers and sisters of the forever […]


Fans still wild for Stones at new premiere

LONDON (AP) – Keith Richards has had a lot of rock ‘n’ roll moments. He didn’t expect another one at the premiere of The Rolling Stones’ new documentary “Crossfire Hurricane.” The film directed by Brett […]


New film to chronicle Rolling Stones' journey

LONDON (AP) – A documentary with newly-released historic footage will trace The Rolling Stones’ 50-year journey from teenagers to rock icons, publicists for the band said Thursday. The film, titled “Crossfire Hurricane” – from a […]



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